Raw Cold Extracted Honey

Our Cold extracted Raw honey is extracted by gently uncapping the hives , slowly spun in a traditional honey Extractor , stored in Food grade cans , during the whole Extraction Process we ensure No Heat is applied and Our Honey is Never Passed through heavy Industrial sieves

Wild Sidr Honey with Walnuts

Walnuts Infused Mono Floral honey from Pakistan collected by Honey bees which have foraged on the Ancient Sidr Tree with Powerful Anti-Bacterial Properties

Wild Sidr Honey

A Mono Floral Honey, famously known as the Manuka of the Middle East, an unusually High Pollen Density is found in this Honey due to the Unique , Rugged and Bare Terrain where the Bees Forage.

Himalayan Salt Range Cold Extracted Wild Acacia Honey

A light golden in color Mono Floral Honey, collected by Honey Bees from the nectar of the Acacia Modesta Tree, Primarily found in the foothills of Himalayan, Kirthar and the Salt Range in Pakistan.

Himalayan Salt Range Wild Eucalyptus Honey

With Notes of Butter Scotch, a Mild Sweet taste and a very strong Aroma. This Eucalyptus Mono Floral Honey collected by the European Apis Mellifera Honey Bee from the Foothills of the Salt Range along the mighty River Indus.

Himalayan Wild Floral Multi Floral Honey

From the Land, Rudyard Kipling called “Shangri-La”, where the Mighty Mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush, Karakoram and Himalayas ,A Magical Poly Floral Honey with a fresh Herbal taste from a truly Magical Place.

Himalayan Wild Robinia and Silver Berry Honey

The Produce this Magical Honey as they forage in Breathtaking valleys surrounded by towering peak, abundant glacial water sources are available for bees to hydrate. Flowers Bloom starting from the months of May till the First week of August in the land of the people who are famously known to “Never Age”

Himalayan Salt Range Wild Ziziphus Honey

Honey Produced by bees which forage on the nectar of the Ziziphus tree , A tree used from Bark to Berry in Traditional Medicine for thousands of years. The Flowers bloom in the month of late September till Mid November each Year. The short blooming period makes this Mono Floral Honey a very unique and exquisite treat.