Hive to Jar

On a Mission and in the quest of procuring the best, guided by our firmly believed core principals of procuring Ethically and Sustainably, we analyzed the supply chain of honey in Pakistan. Beekeepers usually operate small scale Apiaries, have a nomadic lifestyle and a majority of them have stuck to rudimentary Practices but yet we saw a great willingness in them to evolve and to do Apiculture on Modern lines. We have took it as a mission to ensure we are constantly training our Beekeepers, staying in touch with Modern practices of Integrated Pest Management which strives to reduce hard chemical application practices, quality Queen rearing and other relevant best practices of apiary management. Modern Queen rearing techniques,sufficient and accurate record keeping, Effective barrier management by keeping apiary tools in hygienic conditions are vital to ensure Apiaries prosper stay strong and healthy. We regularly stay informed and constantly Train our Trainers from Federal Honey Bee research institutes, research departments of agricultural universities, independent researchers, progressive Beekeepers and International institutes.