Substainable Seasonings

Himalayan Salts have a naturally occurring colorful appearance of Light pink to Dark pink . These Jurassic age deposits are found deep in the Himalayan mountain range region of Northern Pakistan. traditionally used in Medicines and more recently in Halo therapy to cure respiratory ailments. a lower sodium content than normal table salt and more earthy and less bitter taste.

Naturally Rich with more than 84 trace minerals is Himalayan Salt is truly Salt in its Finest Form. Hygroscopic in Nature, An all-purpose ancient Sea Salt is harvested through solar drying from ancient lakes using ancient techniques Gourmet Oven Roasted and Infused salts are roasted with different herbs , spices and infused with various condiments in small batches by our master craftsmen for several hours to deliver a unique culinary experience.

Our Smoked salts are smoked with various types of wooden chips , the longer the smoking period the bolder the taste , the smoking time , the type of wood used and the type of salt used determines the flavor and our artisans ensure that all these elements are synchronized perfectly to deliver the perfect flavorful melody.

While we continually strive to ensure that each grain of our mineral rich salt is delivered in its purest form, least de-natured , chemical and additive free, using ancient artisanal techniques and the way salt is meant to be, we also fully ensure our supply chain is transparent , sustainable, ethical and completely traceable from farm to fork through strict adherence to Globally recognized food safety standards.

Our goal remains to ensure our salts maintain their inherit mineral richness and are also safe to consume.