An ancient hygroscopic salt mined from more than 500 million year old deposits, found originally by alexander the great, with more than 84 trace minerals. An essential kitchen pantry item known to aid digestion and improve bone health. Ancient Sea Salts are solar dryed salts with its origins in Ancient Ages formed by Ancient Lakes.

Our Flagships brands of Tadka and Maison Gourmet which serve restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and hypermarkets globally It can be used for brining, cooking, marinating, baking, boiling and even as a finishing salt.

Coarser grains are usually used as finishing salts on of your salads, brining or for refilling paper-mills while finer are used for cooking , marinating , boiling and baking. Finishing salts primarily add texture to your dish and add bursts of flavor.

Packaging available: 250 gm, 500 gm, 620 gm jars, 500 gm and 1 kg stand up zip pouch, 25 kg bulk PP bag with inner liner.

Maison Gourmet Adjustable And Refillable Glass Grinders

Maison Gourmet Clear Adjustable Ceramic Core Grinders Available in Ancient Pink Salt Coarse, Black Pepper and Pink Salt Infused with Black Pepper Variants