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Our premium range is truly a class apart.
Its tantalizing aroma and elongated grains are for sure a meal for a special occasion. Rice for the premium range is only the best of the best and is selected after a rigorous and meticulous effort undertaken by our quality assurance department.

We only pack premium basmati non-parboil and par boiled grades into our premium range.
Pack sizes for our premium range from 250 gm to 50 kg bags.


MID Range Rice

Our mid range rice is an essential part of your everyday grocery basket. Its affordable and provides the best value for money. Our mid range is available in both basmati and premium non basmati varieties.

Our pack sizes for our mid range rice range from 250 gm to 100 kg jumbo bags for third party packaging


Regular Rice

Our regular rice is primarily non basmati rice available which is mainly consumed in African countries. The rice is available in all pack sizes from 1kg till 100kg super jumbo bags.

The rice is usually shipped in break bulk in dedicated vessels.


Rajput Spices & Condiments

We are the only company in Pakistan to supply spices and condiments from contracted farms to ensure that our spices are farmed using best agricultural practices and our raw spices are free from pests and infections.

Dehydrated vegetables are also available as per customer request.
We can supply spices in bulk and consumer packaging and can assure that our spices are 100% pure.